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Our Enterprise EmailSolutions - Enabling Targeted Messages for Your Customers

Web Element presents enterprise email solutions that are geared to meet the exacting and rigorous benchmarks required to run operations with efficiency, security, zero downtime, and scalable storage capacity.

At Web Element, we take full cognizance of the need for delivering top quality security measures that protects your infrastructure, client confidentiality and your applications. We provide enterprise email hosting services that allows you to access your mails from anywhere, anytime and from any Web enabled device, thus giving true meaning to the term 'mobility'.

Some of the salient features of our enterprise email hosting services include –
  1. Growth centric storage capacity – We ensure that your growth doesn't hamper our services. We provide a huge 25GB mailbox that can hold on average up to ten years' worth of mails securely. We also ensure periodic archiving of older mails to ensure that the mail server runs faster without taking up too much load.
  2. Secure control panel – We provide complete control panel and admin access to your IT point of contact. Through this setup they can customize the mail server to a great degree and set permissions, block access, or alter the individual storage capacity.
  3. No ads, no interruptions – Our enterprise email hosting services are devoid of annoying ad pop-ups that divert your focus and eat up valuable memory.
  4. Complete confidentiality – As compared to big names such as Hotmail, Yahoomail or Gmail, our email servers are completely secure and we guarantee total confidentiality of your mail and its content.
  5. Flexibility in Attachment – We provide a remarkable 50MB attachment limit that can easily take on your multimedia files when sending mails.
  6. Complete control - Our enterprise mail solutions detects and configures Outlook, Thunderbird, and other popular email software automatically. We also provide you flexibility in creating, editing or removing accounts.

Our enterprise e-mail solutions help to provide effective channels of customer engagement and real-time communication to propel your brand power.