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Our Mobile App. Development Services - Your Future Growth Prospect

Keeping a pulse on emerging technologies and adapting to them is a hallmark of Web Element. Towards this, our team of professionals have gained significant proficiency in the new age mobile app development services. With today's users demanding the same smooth and seamless web experience on their smartphone and tablets, companies have recognized the need to scale up fast and effectively with mobile apps offering. This makes us their ideal development partner for mobile app development needs.

With technical proficiencies cutting across all major mobile operating systems, our team of developers has well rounded experience to deliver efficient app solutions for the mobile platform within budget and within the turnaround time.

Below are some of the mobile app solutions we have capabilities in:
  1. Native apps - Our expertise helps clients get native mobile apps on major platforms such as iOS, Android Windows, Symbian and Blackberry amongst others
  2. Hybrid apps - We can also develop cross-platform apps using tools and resources like RhoMobile, Appcelerator and Whoop.
  3. Responsive app - We understand our clients' needs to provide uniform web experience (in terms of navigation, UI or functionality) to their customers irrespective of what type of device is being used to access them. This can be easily achieved by tapping into our ability to deliver responsive HTML5/CSS3 website.
Our technical aptitude spans major operating systems such as
  1. Android – We provide innovative and customized Android apps using technologies such as Android SDK, Open GL API, Java, J2ME, C++, and Android SQL Lite database
  2. iOS – We have an exclusive team of experienced iOS developers that use the firmware configuration of iOS ecosystem to offer iOS apps using technologies such as iPad SDK, XCode, Cocoa, Objective-C and Safari web extensions
  3. Windows – Our Windows apps make use of Windows OS to provides app across a range of diverse needs and requirement.
Any mobile app, any industry domain, any mobile ecosystem; we deliver.